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Bathing booty

Featuring: Paola Rios
Duration: 10:22
Nearly eight months have passed since we last saw Paola Rios at SCORELAND2. That's too long to wait for one of the most nicely-titted and areolaed girls I've ever seen, but, hey, we have a lot of girls to show you. This scene was shot in 2007 in Buenos Aires. In it, Paola takes a bath. Funny thing: Guys love watching girls taking baths and showers, but I think you'd have a hard time finding a girl who'd want to watch a guy taking a bath. Especially a bubble bath. A picture of a guy taking a bath sounds like the kind of thing a girl would text message to her girlfriends as a joke, kind of like photos of our cocks. "I am a woman who loves to take care of herself," Paola said. "I love taking long baths with lots of bubbles and delicious smelling scents." Paola is a self-pampered Paraguayan, and she's ready for a nice, bubbly soak in a hot bath. There's plenty of room in there and in the shower afterwards.

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