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Mistress Paola

Featuring: Paola Rios
Duration: 18:17
There are good girls who never go bad and good girls who get really bad and good girls who stop somewhere in the middle. South American beauty Paola Rios advanced to nearly that middle ground with this video, in which she's a sexy, busty, sultry mistress wearing thigh-high boots and a dominatrix outfit. She looks like a ball-busting bitch, but don't worry. Paola is, at heart, a good girl, and she would never bust your balls. And yet.. "I have an obsession with making a man touch me only when I decide, not them," Paola said. Paola also said, "I enjoy sleeping naked. It makes me feel free." Paola told us that when she was attending college, her male and female classmates would ask her if her tits were real. She'd tell them that they were. Then they'd ask her what she did to get them so big and nice.

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