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Busty breakout

Featuring: Romina Lopez
Duration: 14:48
People are always asking us how we find models. Well, sometimes they find us (such as when they're looking to break into adult modeling and decide they have the credentials to be in SCORE and Voluptuous). And sometimes we find them. Mia Khalifa, currently the hottest porn star in the world, was discovered by me and a few other editors and art directors at a burger restaurant in Miami. Totally by chance. We knew her for months before we realized she had the goods to be a SCORE Girl. Romina Lopez, who's making her SCORELAND2 debut, was discovered completely by chance by a Finnish photographer named J.T. One day in 2005, he was walking down the street in Asuncion, Paraguay when he passed a girl whose chestal gifts were so impressive, he froze in his tracks. Now, most people would have stared and then kept walking, but J.T., who was a sports photographer, recognized his entryway into adult photography. "I spotted her at the Mariscal Lopez Shopping Center in Asunción, picked up all the courage I had and talked to her, presenting myself as a photographer," J.T.

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