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Sabina, SeXXX Educator

Featuring: Sabina Leigh and Doug Powers
Duration: 16:09
There are some things you always want to hear when you're talking to a woman for the first time, especially if she's an attractive, big-busted woman who you'd like to have carnal relations with. Unfortunately, you don't hear these things too often. One of those things is, "I make my own sex toys." Another one of those things is, "I'm a sex educator and sex researcher." Yet another one of those things is, "I also design my own sex toys." And, yet another: "I'm a G-spot expert." Sabina Leigh is all of those things, and you can imagine my surprise and pleasure when she told me so the first time I met her in 2006. She was living in Colorado and finishing school, and she decided to model to pay the tuition bills (a not-uncommon story). But whatever she was learning in college was inconsequential compared to what was going on inside her head. "I read a lot of books on anatomy and medicine as well as sexual theories," Sabina said. "I've also worked on kind of the sidelines of the industry for the past few years. So, I'm constantly comparing the works of different sexual theorists and I also compare those to the real-life experiences of people I talk to and interview on the subject. I'm known for people coming up to me and telling me their deepest, darkest secrets and their fetishes. Once people find out I'm a sex researcher, it happens everywhere, on the street, on airplanes, wherever I am.

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March 27, 2013
love the retro bush! that chick is hot.

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