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Cream My Tits

Featuring: Samantha Sanders
Duration: 22:28
I've met a lot of busty girls at SCORE, and they come from all walks of life, but I think I've only met one who was a lawyer, and that was Samantha Sanders. Samantha is from Yorkshire, England, where she's a criminal defense lawyer. "I've represented some dangerous people. People accused of murder. Armed robbers," E-cup natural Samantha said. "But I have a way to get them off!" I'm sure she does. When Samantha told me this, I was trying to envision her standing in front of a judge and jury, and then I asked her whether she'd ever used her tits to win a case. "It's probably helped sometimes with the judge and maybe some of the jury," she said. "I have on occasion opened a couple of buttons on my shirt." You know, it's kind of sad in a way. An innocent man goes to prison because his lawyer doesn't have big tits while a guy who's guilty as sin gets off--literally and figuratively--because his lawyer is stacked.

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