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Sara Jay is a big-tit hooker

Featuring: Sara Jay
Duration: 33:34
"My tongue piercing is like a weight," said Sara Jay, who applies some weighty pressure to JMac's big cock in this scene. "My tongue is really strong and goes really fast because of that tongue weight in there. It's like a dumbbell. It's good for cootchie licking, too. Guys have told me they kind of feel it, but it doesn't feel too different. In my mouth, it feels like a Tic-Tac's stuck on my tongue." In this scene, Sara Jay is a busty hooker in fishnets. To me, that's perfect for her. Sara Jay dresses like a hooker and acts like a hooker, the main difference is that some hookers have sex for the money while Sara Jay does it because she loves cock. How many times do I have to tell the story about the time she showed up late for a shoot and told us, "Sorry I'm late. My boyfriend was fucking my throat." She said it like it was the most typical thing in the world, like "My boyfriend was fucking my throat" was on the list of reasons to be late for work along with traffic, the alarm clock not going off and a long line at McDonald's.

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