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They Call Her Nurse Big Tits

Featuring: Sarah Sunshine and J.T.
Duration: 11:08
I'll tell you one thing that's unusual about Sarah Sunshine: She walked into our studio in May 2008, was here for three days and didn't shoot a single solo pictorial video. The entire time Sarah was here, she was either tugging cock (two times) or sucking and fucking cock (four times). I think the only time she wasn't making our studs cum was when she appeared on episode eight of SCOREtv at SCORELAND. I remember that episode well. Sarah was dressed as a nurse, but not just any nurse. A hot nurse. A porno nurse. If she walked into a hospital dressed like that, the only thing discharged would be the cum from the male patients' cocks. Sarah would probably be discharged, too, for inappropriate attire, but that's another story. She was wearing a tiny halter top and a tiny thong bikini, and she was wearing fuck shoes and stockings, too.

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