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Sports or big tits?

Featuring: Scarlet LaVey
Duration: 22:28
Porn actors who ignore hot girls in their scenes make me want to scream obscenities. Is this man out of his mind to even waste one second of his time watching the playoffs when Scarlet LaVey is next to him and rubbing herself through her panties? Should a man watch a game on TV when at his side is a hot girl with huge fucking 38H-cup tits and she's touching herself? Sports? Or big tits? You can't fuck sports but you can fuck big tits. "I like to be on top," Scarlet said. "I have better orgasms when I am the one who is doing the work to get there. If not, I like doggie-style. But I like to be in doggie-style on my knees." One look at Scarlet and you know her sex drive is super-powerful. That's one of the reasons she became a porn star. Make the most of your assets is my philosophy, and that's what Scarlet is doing. What's the kinkiest thing anyone ever asked Scarlet to do to him? "There've been a lot of kinky things," she said. "Probably a guy who asked me to jack him off while fingering his ass." That's not so kinky.

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