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Bra-buster In black spiked boots

Featuring: Sharon Pink
Duration: 24:15
As I once wrote, "Raunchy, sleazy sex partners get Sharon even hotter. Hyper-sexed dudes who want to fuck the shit out of her until she's as limp as a doll turn her on. Men who make her feel like a dirty girl pump up the heat inside her. Her fuck-me face reveals all." Those are the kinds of porn guys she gets paired with, and Sharon can match them stroke for stroke. She's talented at sex and doesn't just lay there like a life-sized love doll. I've never thought of her as a MILF-type, even though she has that MILF look. She got into adult modeling fairly late (in her 30s), all things considered. SCORE started filming Sharon, a Czech, in 2008 and always in Prague. To me, she looks best with straight hair, not the Goldilocks curls some stylists gave her. You can tell Sharon works out regularly because her body is fucking tight.

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