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Siri, will you sex me?

Featuring Siri
Duration 22:50
SCORE was one of the earliest stops for Siri in early 2012. She rapidly became one of porndom's hottest girls, and she's still going strong. College-educated Siri is married. She and her husband are swingers, so there are no marital objections to her fucking other dudes. Of her name, Siri said, "I am Swedish and it is a very common Swedish name. It's short for Sigrid, which is not so sexy, so I shortened it. Most Swedish names are not sexy." Siri is the quintessential creamy blonde Nordic-American natural. If her looks lead you to guess that she's originally from Minnesota, you guessed right. I don't see a lot of girls who look like Siri in the adult film world. I'm surprised that Doc Johnson hasn't molded a fuck doll or a Latex pussy in her likeness.

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