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Stephanie Stalls, burlesque star

Featuring: Stephanie Stalls
Date: April 21st, 2016
Duration: 07:38
The interview in this video surprised me. I'd known for a long time that Stephanie Stalls was a dancer (she dances at Jill's in West Virginia), but I figured she walks onto the stages, dances, shakes her tits for a bunch of drunk guys, gets her tits out and puts on a pussy and ass show. I had no idea she takes dancing so seriously. She's into burlesque, which is what this scene is all about. Now, when I think "burlesque," I think about girls in the 1930s and '40s wearing tassels on their tits and showing absolutely no pink. It's a total tease show. Here, Stephanie tells us that the burlesque she does is, indeed, about the tease. But if the burlesque routine she performs in this video is any indication, the tease quickly becomes please as Stephanie spreads her legs and fingers her cunt. Stephanie says she uses tassels and feather fans in her burlesque shows. In all honesty, as much as I like Stephanie, I'm not into that.

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