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Brobdingnagian Boobs Of Britannia

Featuring: Laura Bailey and Susie Wilden
Duration: 12:55
Dave and I got to know Susie Wilden when she came to the States to pose at SCORE after first modeling for TSG in the UK. Now that girl was a lot of fun! Brit girls in general are very cheery, casual and bubbly. They talk to people like they've known them their whole life. Linsey, Lorna, Kerry and other Brits are like this also. We recently shot a Brit named Bex Shiner, who was a Big Brother contestant on UK television, and Lily Madison, and they were the same way. Very bouncy and happy-go-lucky. I've never had the chance to meet Laura Bailey in person, but I've heard from several Brits that she's also an upbeat girl. This rare duet filmed in London at the old SCORE studio is packed with nipple-sucking, breast-worship and toy-banging. It's the only time I know of that these two blonde Britons jumped each other's fleshy curves. Their tits and asses are all over the bed, and they look like they're really savoring the moment.

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