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A quiet girl who showed us her tits and pussy

Featuring: Tanya Danielle
Duration: 17:27
Tanya Danielle, a SCORE Girl in the late 1990s and early 2000s, sailed on the final Boob Cruise, the one in 2000, and roomed with Adina. Talk about two pieces of ass in the same room! I didn't sail on that Cruise--I didn't sail on any Cruise--but Elliot told me that these two girls were leaving hard-ons in their wake everywhere they went. Elliot also told me that a lot of the guys thought Tanya was stuck-up because she didn't say much. But another SCORELAND staffer who was on the 2000 Cruise explained to me that Tanya was shy and nervous around people. It wasn't that she didn't want to talk to people or thought her shit didn't stink. She just wasn't comfortable around strangers. Guys, we should be happy just to have the chance to look at a girl like Tanya and jack to her in the privacy of our own homes. More on Tanya: • She left college in her sophomore year to become a stripper. I call that a good career choice. • She believed that women should be self-sufficient and not live off men.

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