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More To Fuck

Featuring Tatiana Blair
Date July 29th, 2015
Duration 21:11
The XXX reality-show spoof More To Fuck on DVD made fucking fun of the boring and endless Bachelor and Bachelorette-style TV shows that are torture for most guys to sit through. But More To Fuck, geared for the Voluptuous crowd, is not torture. This bachelor banged four of the girls in the show (Alanna Ackerman, Melonie Maxx, Anna Kay and Tatiana Blair) except for the sexy hostess, Kaytee Carter and Destiny Rose, a redhead from Ohio who wanted Kaytee more than she wanted the bachelor, John. "You have to be sexually open to do this kind of modeling," said Tatiana, who's only 4'10" but has unbelievable 36G tits. She contacted SCORE when a former boyfriend suggested that she would be great as a model. "I like experimenting, too. If I don't, then I get bored. Cock size doesn't really matter so much as the way they use it. I have been with some pretty small guys who just knew how to hit the right spot. They just have to know what they're doing.

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