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Birds of a feather shower together

Featuring: Tawny Peaks and Tonisha Mills
Duration: 07:06
Tonisha Mills was a hardcore porn star when she was paired off with the newly emerged exotic dancer Tawny Peaks. Both are tiny (Tawny at 5' and Tonisha at 5'2"), although Tawny dwarfed Tonisha in the tit department. Even so, they made for a good pairing. In this video, they chuck their clothes and shower together, getting fast and loose with a hand-held shower head. I don't know what Tonisha does these days. She dropped out of sight in the mid-'90s. One of the superstars of the Big '90s, Tawny's now a housewife and mom after a successful feature dancing and SCORE magazine career. I haven't seen her since 1998. I found her to be one of the quietest and reserved dancers of the SCORE covergirls. This shower scene is one of several videos Tawny and Tonisha made at the SCORE studio in the United Kingdom.

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