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Super-soaked and rubbed down

Featuring Gya, Micky Bells, and Terri Jane
Duration 08:32
Micky Bells, Gya Roberts and Terri Jane appear in the distance, walking abreast and packing guns, like characters in a spaghetti western. But the guns they're packing are super-soaker water squirt guns. The girls are going to have a shoot-out. Wearing thin T-shirts, they're wetted down as they chase each other on the lawn. Their huge tits in their wet tops bounce crazy-wild. When their wet-T game is over, they play tit games. I like these kind of group shoots because they're spontaneous, natural and show girls having fun under the sun. In the early 1960s, the old-time skin movie directors used to shoot scenes like this at nudist camps. Can you jack to it? Why not? Guys on breast-oriented forums write about jacking to the girls on The Price Is Right and The Housewives of Beverly Hills. Micky is now slender yet hasn't lost all of her boobage.

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