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Busty Czech stripper

Featuring: Terry Nova
Duration: 17:53
What do I know about Terry Nova? Not a heckuva lot, even though I spent four days with her in Eleuthera, The Bahamas in 2007 and an entire week with her in Hungary in 2008. I wish I could give you some great insight into her personality, but I don't speak Czech and she doesn't speak much English. Now, it would be easy to call her quiet, reserved and shy, but how do I know that? SCORE model Kristy Klenot, who joined us on that trip to Hungary, told me that "Terry would surprise you. She's a lot wilder than you think," and I suspect that's true. First, why would Kristy lie? Second, whenever I saw her hanging out with Melissa Mandlikova, which was most of the time in Hungary, they always seemed to be giggling and laughing and talking a mile a minute in a language I didn't understand. But I suspected from the looks on their faces and their actions that they were talking about sex and tits. Isn't that what big-breasted girls talk about? This scene was shot on Terry's final day in Hungary. By that time, she'd fucked a lot. She's a stripper wearing a black wig, a short dress and sleazy fishnets. An American businessman in a hotel room calls down for room service of a different variety.

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