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Big, busty Wolf

Featuring: Tiana Wolf
Duration: 26:48
Tiana Wolf was a Czech chick going to college in Germany when she made her one and only appearance in SCORE (August '08) and later on SCORELAND and She was only 19 years old, and the editor of SCORE at the time said, "She looks like she fucks a lot." To which Tiana said, "I have had sex more than most girls I know. Sex is fun. I am not looking to meet the man of my dreams. I am looking to have as much fun as I can while I am young." Tiana also said, "I would not have any problem with having sex with a man while the camera was watching me," and she would, in fact, go on to shoot a handful of hardcore scenes. But we're proud to say we had her first. At the time, Tiana was studying international finance and econometrics, and I have no idea if she managed to complete her degree with all that fucking that she was doing. Anyway, enjoy these rare photos and videos of a one-shot blast from the past. .

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