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Even college girls get the cock

Featuring: Anthony Rosano and Trish Bailey
Duration: 22:24
You know how sometimes you're out to lunch or going shopping or at a ballgame and you see a girl with big tits and you start wishing that once, just once, you could see her naked tits? You know it's never going to happen (girls-next-door don't do that kind of thing, right?), but you wish for it anyway. Well, those girls who you see out and about, who you think would never pose naked for a magazine or website..guess what? They do pose naked for magazines and websites. Trish Bailey is one of those girls. In 2006, Trish was a 20-year-old college student from Arizona who came to our studio, got naked, showed us her tits and pussy, fucked a few of our studs and then went back to class. She thought her tits were too big. We convinced her otherwise. This conversation took place between one of our editors and Trish: Had you heard of XL Girls before? TRISH: Nope, never. So you decided, what the hell, I'll take my clothes off? TRISH: Yeah, why not? Are you that free in your sex life, too? TRISH: Yes. I'm very open to trying new things! What's the newest thing you've tried? TRISH: Oh, that would be about 20 minutes ago! It was my first ever video. Any nerves about your first boy/girl scene? TRISH: Not at all.

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