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From College Coed To Porn Star

Featuring: Neeo and Westy
Duration: 20:48
Young, pretty girls should not have to pay blood-sucking universities a giant tuition fee, then pay for books, uniforms, room and board and other expenses. However, we live in an idiotic world. So unlike other coeds who give their sexy bodies away for free in one-night hook-ups on drunken weekends, Westy became a porn star and was able to pay her way through school faster than had she worked in some shitty office for little money with an asshole boss who'd try to fuck her every day anyway. You see, the adult industry cares about girls. "I thought when I was a teenager that I had to have one boyfriend, I had to be reserved and proper," Westy told our photographer when this scene was shot. "But I'm having too much fun and having too much good sex with many guys." Westy's big boobs have changed her life. Westy got knocked up in 2010 and seems to have dropped out of the adult scene after having her kid and settling into a domestic, family-raising lifestyle. Maybe she'll return to porn one day. This girl is a natural at pleasing men with her big boobs, mouth and pussy. .

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