Mamma-mia, that's a spicy dish!

Miranda - XXX Big Tits video
Miranda is from Italy. She's the only Italian who's ever been to the SCORE Studio. I know a long-time V-mag fan in Italy who tells me that busty Italian models are ultra-rare, especially in hardcore. He's also a photographer, and he's never been able to find any Italian girls as busty as the Voluptuous models. So Miranda is a special one. When Dave and I first interviewed her on video, we were impressed by her H-cup boobs and her personality. I loved her accent. She said she could give a guy a two-hour blow job if she wanted to because she studied Tantric yoga, a kind of sexual yoga.

Miranda had her own opinions about America after living here on and off for over five years.

"The women in America really don't cook a lot," she said. "They don't clean their houses. They're more spoiled."

Italian men took a hit, too.

"Everyone thinks Italians are Latin lovers, but I think they're fake, like actors. American men are more honest. If they want to fuck you, they say they want to…

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