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Bra overload

A Florida local, Alana Lace has that approachable, girl-next-door personality that translates right to the camera.

We weren't the first to film Alana, but when she tried adult videos for the first time, her tits were not nearly as big as they are in this and subsequent videos. Then a few years later, she resurfaced with humongous boobs. Booking her then was a no-brainer.

Near the end of this video, Alana does something I'd never seen, especially in a SCORELAND video. What is it? Well, you'll need to watch the video to find out. Her solos are just as horny as hardcore scenes.

Alana did seven hardcore scenes, eight solos, a Tits & Tugs scene and some extras all in the span of a year. Then she resumed her disappearing act. But I still believe she'll return one day. She was smokin' hot and her tits were superb. Read More »
Featuring: Alana Lace
Duration: 13:28

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6 years ago 

Wow that's awesome Alana please cumm back l need u !!! More

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