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Alana's First Tits & Tugs

Featuring: Alana Lace and J Mac
Duration: 18:09
This is what I wrote when Alana Lace did her first scene with a guy, a P.O.V. Tits & Tugs tit-fuck and hand job session. "Alana takes JMac's shaft in her oily hands and jerks and tit-fucks it..all the while talking about how much she loves doing this to a man. She enjoys it when JMac treats her tits roughly and fucks her cleavage forcefully. Her tits look absolutely gigantic when she's on her back getting a load of cum dumped on them, the cum she has begged for." Alana's boobs were phenomenal when this was filmed in 2014. Here are some of the key moments that really impressed me about Alana's moves, all of them very natural, as if she does this all the time with her boyfriends. 1) Teasing with her tits. I liked how she took JMac's hand and rubbed it on her breasts before she took them out of her top. I'd have preferred her in a tank-top to see more cleavage. 2) JMac's hands shaking her naked, oiled boobs, slapping them together and squeezing them.

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