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Alia the Mamazon Warrior learns to fuck

This scene starring Alia Janine is from the SCORE feature film Mamazon (available on DVD and Blu Ray), inspired by the old Tarzan and Jungle Jim movies. As a stand-alone sex scene it works fine, but I think some back story about the jungle-girl plot might be in order before you watch it.

A tribe of big-boobed, jungle goddesses called The Mamazons have captured four male explorers and imprisoned them in primitive cages in their village. The men were searching for a sacred idol worshipped by The Mamazons. This statuette is said to give women big boobs. If this clan of female jungle warriors (Alia, Alexis Silver, Rachel Love, Shyla Shy, Kali West and Daylene Rio) is any indication, the idol works pretty good.

In Alia's chapter, Hugo (Carlos Rio) is humiliated and thrown on the ground. Under the queen's watchful gaze, the other Mamazons pull his pants down and inspect his banana. Queen Alexis tells her girls that this object they have never seen before is for pleasuring women, a piece… Read More »
Featuring: Alia Janine and Carlos Rios
Duration: 19:28

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