Miss White gets a gold star for being a sexy coed

Angela White - Solo Big Tits video
Angela White was a sexy coed for real when she made this sexy coed video during one of her earliest visits to our studio. She had just enrolled in college back home in Australia. This video is part of the DVD Stacked & Packed 7. All coeds toy their lubed-up pussies and asses when they get home and drop the book bag.

A lot of people don't know that we arrange transportation, meals and lodging for the majority of our models. We flew Angela all the way to America from Sydney, Australia, a 16-hour trip one-way. Most studios will never do that. They just shoot whoever shows up or lives in town. It's expensive and takes a lot of work by studio staffers, but we have always rolled like this because we go the extra mile (or over 8,500 miles in Angela's case).

In the '90s, during the early years of SCORE magazine, almost all of the American big-bust feature stars, such as Busty Dusty and Minka, were flown to London for their shoots. But Angela, then a very hot 18 years old in…

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