The Face Of An Angel. The Body Of A Devil.

Anna Song - Solo Big Tits video
For some inexplicable reason, Dave has been calling me "man of many mysteries" for the last six or so years. Actually, my life is an open book. If there's anyone who's someone of many mysteries, that title is owned by Anna Song.

Anna is Russian and if you know Russian or Ukrainian females, you know they can be very mysterious, like they're always holding something back. There's a definite mystique about them. And they can be really moody and deep too. It's the Russian soul, called "dusha" in Russian.

Anna first appeared in SCORE and V-mag in 2006 and she promptly won Newcomer of the Year for 2006. She was 18. I'm not sure how we found her. It wasn't through Merilyn Sakova. But I know our British photographers met her around the same time of their first photo visit with Merilyn.

We shot two DVDs all about Anna. Climax With Anna and Cum Along With Anna Song. Both are solo DVDs and Anna shows her skill using sex toys. She's very quiet in her videos but I always marvel when I…

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