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A Dog Bowl, Duct Tape And Milk

Featuring: Arianna Sinn
Duration: 14:56
The great thing about Arianna Sinn is that she's so unexpected. Here's one of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet--our photographer, Jose, fell in love with her the first time he shot this Romanian beauty in the Czech Republic--and yet she loves having hot, horny, raunchy sex on-camera. You know that old saying about the girls you fuck and the girls you marry? That never made any sense to me. Why can't the girls you fuck be the girls you marry? Why can't a good girl enjoy sex? Well, Arianna proves that a good girl can enjoy sex. She's the girl you fuck and marry (and then happily fuck for the rest of your life). Arianna proves that good girls can have a naughty side. One time she told us, "I like sex on the beach. I like the idea that I am doing it out in the open where anybody can see us. And it is so beautiful. The sand, the water..what is more perfect than having sex on the beach?" I don't know..jacking to Arianna while she's on her hands and knees crawling to a dog bowl? Her tits, partially covered with black duct tape, hanging enticingly, Arianna drinking from a bottle of milk and letting it drip down her chin and over her tits before dunking her giant naturals in the bowl? I mean, I'd love to fuck Arianna, and I love watching Arianna getting fucked, but this will do.

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