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Bozena - Solo Big Tits video
Bozena started modeling fairly late in life compared to many other girls who begin at 18 and 19 years old. I think she was 33. Bozena means "Blessed One" or "divine" in Slavic. That Bozena is blessed is evident in any picture or video we've taken of her, and we've taken a lot, over 20 photo sets in different countries in Europe. She never made it to Miami, I'm sorry to say.

Bozena did a rare girl-girl with British SCORE covergirl Kelly Kay (a strap-on fuck, no less) and another encounter with Israeli star Eden Mor, plus she did hardcore on one of our road trips to Prague. She's submissive with males, assertive with females.

Bozena has a set of the biggest tits of all the Czech models we know. They're not only big, they're solid, heavy, full and packed with breast-meat.

I don't know if Bozena's still modeling now that she's over 40. I haven't heard anything about her from my Czech correspondents in quite some time.

In Spain, Bozena talked about being busty and a sex symbol.…

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9 years ago 

Bozena has some of the most amazing naturals breasts I've ever seen. She is also very
beautiful and has a great body. I love her sexual expressions also. She is definitely
one of my all-time favorites and I hope to see more of her. Great camera angles in
this video!

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