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Carol Brown In Her Prime

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British babe Carol Brown is the answer to the not-so-trivial question, "Who was Voluptuous magazine's first Model of the Year?" Carol won it in 1998, and I can't think of a girl who most exemplifies what V-mag is about: soft, curvy, girls-next-door with big, plush, pendulous tits, suckable nipples and round, bangable butts. The scene you're about to watch was shot in 1996 during Carol's prime. "Prim and proper" is how Elliot James described her before she became "like a sex nymphomaniac." Carol was a big-time model in the mid--'90s before she retired to have children. Then she returned in 2008 as a bustier-than-ever XL Girl. If you have the chance, check her out at "I would describe myself as a sex-starved woman who loves to have sex three times a day with my husband if he is up for it," Carol told us by email recently. "I also masturbate most days. My friends have sex about once a week, but that just would not be enough for me. I have always loved sex but as I have gotten older my orgasms are more intense. I do like to talk during sex.

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