Charlee And The Fuck Machine

Charlee Chase - Solo Big Tits video
Hot chicks getting banged by motorized dildos is not every guy's favorite spectator sport. Even so, it's cool to check it out now and then. We had this F-Machine on loan for a few months from a strange dude who makes them and has his own company, The guy is still in business, so people are buying them!

When this was shot, Charlee Chase was just starting out, and as a kinky girl with a hypersexual mind, a great body and no inhibitions at all, she was game to go with this gizmo. The best thing about it is that it's all hands-free. I pointed out once that some girls hold dildos and vibrators in a way that blocks the camera's point-of-view. This monstrosity eliminates that problem.

So here's the deal with this scene. It's a hot day and Charlee, wearing a tank-top and booty shorts, is cleaning up a house she's inherited. She looks fucking sexy as hell, by the way. After taking a water break to cool off and play with her tits, Charlee finds and activates the F-Machine…

Member Comments

9 years ago 
is the quality of faking it going down, or are score getting worse :S
9 years ago 
It may not be for
everyone, but I love it!

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