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Hot tub, jug rub

Featuring: Chavon Taylor and Commando
Duration: 10:03
When she first visited SCORELAND, Chavon Taylor said in an interview, "Excluding the porn movies, in my personal life, I have sex maybe twice a week. Not really that much, seeing as though I can get pretty sexed out." I found it hard to believe that this girl doesn't beat back her potential beaus with a baseball bat and pepper spray. But sometimes a sexually assertive girl can make a guy freeze up. In this Tits & Tugs scene, Chavon unleashes her big boobs and hands on our stud's cock. Listen to Chavon's voice as she pours out the dirty talk. It's difficult to find girls with her horny oral skills. Filthy sex talk always adds fuel, and Chavon's comments and urgings help jack up the testosterone levels. And she's so happy and smiling while she does it! What floated Chavon's boat best isn't seen that much in porn videos. "I'd have to say that getting head satisfies me best, and girls don't really wind up on the receiving end of oral that much making videos. I hate it when guys just out of nowhere are like, 'Wanna fuck?' I mean, obviously we want to fuck, but guys need to work up to that moment.

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