Wac it to this army babe

Cherry Brady - Solo Big Tits video
WAC as in Women's Army Corps! This video was Part One of the DVD Ultimate Cherry Brady, written by Cherry at home. Cherry has many more talents in addition to creative modeling. A Voluptuous subscriber herself way before she submitted her at-home photos, Cherry knows what is in the mind of the breast man and what he loves.

Once Cherry arrives at SCORE HQ, the redheaded supervixen takes over the building. After launching this military coup, Cherry changes into an army outfit and begins her campaign of breasturbation and toying accompanied by that hot tongue of hers. Even the dildo has camo! Where the hell did she find that? Leave it to Cherry! I imagine these army photos are still hanging in thousands of U.S. military barracks and bases all over the world.

Dave is currently preparing the 20th anniversary of Voluptuous magazine (established in 1994), so he and I have talked about the big year that Cherry's first pictures appeared in V-mag (2003). We still marvel over the…

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7 years ago 
I'd forgotten quite how incredible Cherry's arse is.....I'm think I'm in luv...lust

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