A Little Christy Tug'll Do Ya.

Christy Marks - XXX Big Tits video
Now this is the kind of date that SCORE guys dream of having. A little time spent on the pool table with a babe and a half like Christy Marks and then letting the brunette stunner yank your crank until she pops your stick. I love the faces she makes and the look in her eyes when she's jerking the joystick. There's a lot of "I shouldn't be doing this but I like it too much."

As I've mentioned before, my personal favorite kind of video is shot P.O.V. so I can put myself in the scene, like I have a camcorder in my hand. Porn actors are just cock props to me. I don't need to see their fuckin' faces or hear them speak. Directors and editors used to cut to the guy's face when he came. I can't tell you how much I hated that. If I want to see anyone's cum-face, it's the girl's face.

Christy is a very intelligent and self-aware girl, and she's very different than those girls who become porn stars and make it a full-time career. I've always thought of Christy as a regular girl who…

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7 years ago 
Absolutely gorgeous woman!

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