Jade's Tits-A-Poppin'

Jade Feng - XXX Big Tits video
Jade Feng was naturally stacked when she first appeared in SCORE and Voluptuous magazines in 2003. She was very popular. Naturally stacked Asian girls are rare. But she achieved true stardom three years later, after she made her mega-tit dream come true by super-sizing.

"I dress too sexy in public," Jade told us, although we've never heard of too sexy. "It makes most people nervous. The worst thing a guy could ever say to me would be, 'You're showing too much skin!' or 'Cover yourself more!' I like to wear very sexy clothes and show off my body because I have the biggest tits in Oregon!"

Who are these guys who say those things to Jade? Not SCORE Men, that's for sure.

We sat down for an interview with Jade, and here's how some of it went:

How often do you have sex?
All the time, whenever I can.

What are your favorite sexual positions?
Missionary and fucking my titties.

What sexually satisfies you the best?
Someone who's willing to go for a couple of…

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