Kerry Marie In Charge

Kerry Marie - Solo Big Tits video
I was just looking at what I wrote about Kerry Marie the last time, and I can't believe I left out my most-enduring memory of Kerry's visit to the SCORELAND studio in 2003. It actually came after all the photos and videos had been shot, after Kerry Marie had showered and gotten dressed and was waiting for a ride to the airport for her flight back to England.

My memory is of what Kerry Marie was wearing.

Warning: My description will not do her justice.

Now, remember: Kerry Marie was done shooting for the day. She was about to leave for the airport. She was going to walk through that airport. She was going to go through security. She was going to sit on an airplane for eight hours, possibly next to a horny guy with good eyesight. Maybe somebody like you.

And what was Kerry Marie wearing? A super-tight, super-low cut WHITE sweater that her tanned naturals were pouring out of.

I said to Kerry Marie, "You're wearing that on the plane?"

She smiled and said, sweetly, "Sure.…

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9 years ago 
Wow, Kerrie Marie..!! You are the essence of what it means to be Busty and British..!!! The way your huge boobs sway as you lay on the table, is incredible. You are an amaing girl....thank you..

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