Warm Cream For A Hot Kitty

Kitty Lee - XXX Big Tits video
I remember Kitty Lee very well. She was very well-suited for porn. Not couples porn, foo-foo porn or plot-heavy-with-scripted-lines porn. No, Kitty was built for heels to the ceiling, bed-breaking, sweaty, sloppy, grinding, gritty porn with people talking naturally filthy to each other. The very definition of hardcore raunch.
A girl with a voluptuously thick body and very big boobs needs a sex-maniac fucker with a big cock who is completely into pounding her. Dirty-guy Anthony more than brought that to the table in this frantic coupling with Kitty.
I looked at Kitty as a fleshy, meaty, no-nonsense woman with thick pussy lips and huge jugs who slams back what her fuck partner slams in. In this scene, Tony urges her to talk dirty as he tells her what to do. She drives him to the edge of temporary insanity by sucking his boner and fucking it with her tits before they crash into each other like human cymbals. In some of the close-ups of Anthony's cock pumping Kitty's pussy, you can see…

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