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Kitty Lee is Nurse Big Tits

Featuring: Kitty Lee and J.T.
Duration: 18:09
I thought I'd heard it all, but until Kitty Lee walked into our studio for the first time in 2005, I'd never heard this: "I went out with one guy who broke up with me because my boobs were too big," she said. "When he met me, I was wearing a really big, baggy shirt because I was just out at a hardware store getting something really quick. But when we went out, I wore this really sexy outfit. He dated me a couple of times and then told me he couldn't date me because my boobs were too big. Unbelievable!" Unbelievable is hardly the word for it. First of all, you'd think any guy who'd walk into a hardware store would like big tits. I don't know why I think that. I just do. Whenever I see men with their girlfriends or wives in Home Depot, the woman always has big tits. Second, what guy doesn't love big tits? Third..I'm speechless.

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