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Lorna Morgan pregnant

Featuring: Lorna Morgan
Duration: 10:44
Welsh beauty Lorna Morgan, one of the greatest naturals ever since the first time she took off her top for all the world to see in 1999, has never stuck a finger or a dildo inside her pussy. She's never licked another woman's pussy or had her pussy licked on-camera. She's definitely never fucked on-camera, and I would be shocked if she ever did. But she did do one thing most models--even those who fuck on-camera--never do: She posed while pregnant. Here, she's at 23 weeks and really showing. Her breasts have gotten bigger. Her areolae have darkened. I think she looks sexier than she ever has. Her belly is firm, round and huge. "When I was pregnant with my first son, I was so worried about what my fans may make of it," Lorna said.

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