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Roadside Service

Featuring: Lucy Love and Matt Bird
Duration: 19:11
We shot this scene of Hungarian porn star Lucy Love during the Busty Riding Academy shoot in Hungary in 2008, and I remember the day she arrived at our country castle in Seregélyes. That's because of all the commotion she caused. We had several porn studs on-site, all ready to fuck busty girls at a moment's notice (I know, tough job), and some of these guys had been fucking busty girls two or three times a day all week. But when Lucy showed up wearing short shorts, fuck-me pumps and a tight, low-cut top, all of the studs noticed, and they were practically begging for the chance to fuck her. The honors went to Hungarian porn stud Matt Bird, Lucy's choice because they were able to communicate in something other than the International language of fucking. I'm particularly fond of this scene because it was my idea. Personally, I've never met a busty tow-truck driver, but I have imagined being-ahem-serviced by one, and Lucy looked like the girl of my fantasies. She's short 'n' stacked and super-filthy sexually. And she looked really good in our tow-truck driver's outfit. I personally supervised this shoot, partly because I wanted to make sure my fantasy was translated to photos and videos and partly because I wanted to watch her suck cock and fuck, especially outdoors, out in the open.

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