The greatest SCORE interview ever? You decide!

Mandi Michelle Melons - Solo Big Tits video
This scene, shot in 2001 with SCORE model Mandi Melons, starts off as a regular interview, but don't worry: It's not a regular interview. I never intended for it to be a regular interview, and it isn't. Within 30 seconds, I ask Mandi to take her tits out, and away we go! The basic idea is that I'm some guy in a peep show booth (you know, the kind they used to have all over before the Internet came along), and I'm telling the girl what to do so I can get off.

Now, this might sound selfish, and maybe it is. As an editor, it's not my job to just give you guys what I want. If I did that, I'd have lost my job a long time ago. My job is to give you what you want. But in this case, I decided to give you what I want and hope that it's what you want, too. I have no way of knowing if I succeeded, but I do know that this is one of Elliot James' favorite scenes, and that's a pretty big compliment.

"I love it," Elliot just told me. "She seems like such a dumb blonde. She just does…

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9 years ago 
The Internet has all but wiped out the live peepshow booths. I'm sorry for the guys who never had the great fun in going to one.

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