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How to make a model

Featuring: Noelle Easton and Tony D'Sergio
Duration: 22:26
This is what I wrote about this scene pairing young and sexy Noelle Easton from Tennessee with super stud Tony DeSergio. "The life of a men's magazine photographer is a rough life. He spends all day in the company of beautiful, hot girls who are completely naked almost all of the time. He must photograph them all day with hardly a minute for coffee or lunch. He often must ask these sexy thangs the most intimate of questions on-camera for interview purposes, questions of a sexual nature he would be too shy to ask his own wife. His face is regularly within inches of their glistening pussies, wet from the excitement of exposing themselves. Yes, it's a difficult, unheralded, demanding job. How these men have the strength to drag themselves to work every morning is a testament to their job dedication." Tony is the SCORE cameraman trying to get through the day with Noelle. Yet even he is not made of steel nor does he embrace the celibate vows of the priesthood. In other words, he fucks the hell out of 18-year-old hottie Noelle.

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