Redd's a firestarter

Redd Adaire - Solo Big Tits video
A famous firefighter named Red Adaire specialized in putting out oil well fires. John Wayne played him in the movie Hellfighters. But this redhaired Redd Adaire doesn't put out fires. This one starts them with her 44-32-40 torso. Redd was born in Oxford, England, raised in South Africa and lives in London.

"I'm a professional stripper and model with a voluptuous body that I'm not afraid to show," Redd said when she first posed for V-mag. "I just don't do porn." Redd is still stripping in clubs around London and modeling today, and still not doing hardcore. Redd gets plenty of offers too and will do girl-girls but no cock action. That never surprises me about models in the United Kingdom. When a British model says "no porn' in the beginning of their careers, they almost always stick to their vows of porn chastity for the length of their careers.

Redd does lap, table and stage dancing, strip-o-grams, and jug collections. Jug collections? You'd have to be British to know what that…

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