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Roxanne rocks

Featuring: Roxanne Miller
Duration: 14:50
I found Roxanne Miller by happenstance. A few years ago, I was asked to help find new models for SCORE, Voluptuous and XLGirls. So I started spending a couple of hours a day on a search for big boobs. It's really a job of work. Webcam sites are tricky because the snapshot photos and webcam lenses distort the girls' true bust sizes and blow them up way out of proportion. Once you see the girls in a realistic photo, you find out real quickly that many of them have only C- and D-cups. Also, the cam girls think guys are out to scam them out of money or pussy, which many of them are. When I'm at the beach or a bar or club, I also keep a lookout. Then one day, I saw Roxanne Miller's webcam and had a good feeling, especially since her tits happened to be huge. I emailed her in Romania, explained who I was (which she believed) and told her to check out, and that's how Roxanne came to Voluptuous magazine.

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