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Heavy Lifting

Featuring: Sammie Black
Duration: 17:00
One of the bustiest naturals ever, British babe Sammie Black had full, heavy HH-cup tits that overwhelmed her upper torso and hung as beautifully as any pair ever has. I once wrote, "The sheer size of Sammie's tits shocked even the most-jaded boob lover, whether he loves only the natural girls or only the super-augmented chicks or a combination of both. At 5'4" tall and 120 pounds (each boobs weighs approximately 11 pounds), Sammie's body definitely falls into the slim 'n' stacked category. Yet naturals like her do not usually have this kind of figure. Plain and simply, she's unbelievable." Sammie, who modeled during the 1990s and early 2000s, was a skilled practitioner of nipple tugging and sucking. She sailed with us on Boob Cruise '98 and astounded everyone, including her fellow female Cruisers. Her bras were literally miracles of engineering that could easily carry two fully ripe watermelons. During her prime, Sammie measured 48-26-37, which made her a rare natural member of The 20 Club for having a chest measurement at least 20 inches larger than her waist. Sammie never planned on a long-term career as a model. In addition to modeling (including a memorable series of shoots with V-Girl Jenny), Sammie worked as a nurses' aide.

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