You Just Can't Find Auto Mechanics Like Her

Savannah Synn - XXX Big Tits video
When we needed the final addition to the cast of Big-Tit Tune Up, Savanna Synn's name came up. A Fort Lauderdale cosmetician and professional mistress, Savanna had the look of the SCORE Girl feature dancers from the first 10 years: big blonde hair, very slim, supersized tits, larger-than-life and looking like she walked out of an illustration by big-boob artists Otis Sweat and Duncan Gutteridge. And she did hardcore. But just this one time.

"I'm a mistress," Savanna said. "I like to smother men with my big tits and make them worship my body until I tell them to stop." Fair enough. She'd make a good auto mechanic, too. All of us are used to being smothered and dominated by car dealers and mechanics.

As I said, this was Savanna's one and only fuck scene. She's having a really bad day because she has a customer who is being a major pain in the ass and acts like Adam Sandler, which is bad enough. He also quibbles about price and how long it's going to take to get out of…

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