Sydney Simona went to an all-girls school

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Sydney Simona went to an all-girls school

Sydney Simona has a very slim, sexy body. And really big tits for such a slim girl. Nature usually does not bestow its boob blessings on thin girls, but there are exceptions. Sydney is one of them. While she's not as busty as Venera or Merilyn Sakova in the super-slim division, Sydney comes very close to that level.

I was asked to interview Sydney. She was a good interview. Her manner of speaking was very refined, articulate and proper, like a trained theater actress. However, refined doesn't mean she didn't want to talk about her body and sex. She did.

Sydney actually lived my stereotypical fantasy of the big-boobed beauty, like a fictional character that actually exists. She was the bustiest girl in an all-girls boarding school. Her schoolmates wanted to touch her tits. Her female teachers hated her because of those tits and disciplined her a lot. She used to play sports. That means a lot of bouncing and T-shirts wet from girl-sweat.

"By the time I was 14 years old, I was a full… Read More »

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Featuring: Sydney Simona
Date: February 2nd, 2021
Duration: 13:35

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the finest ever!

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