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A Busty Redhead Goes For An Autumn Fling

We discovered Veronika in 2005 in Prague. I love this city. The beer is great, the women greater and their head is even better than the beer. Some of the horniest SCORE porn stars are Czechs. It's mind-boggling. Big-boobed Veronika was blonde back in '05. She did a few XXX pictorials and a XXX video, then she dropped completely out of sight. That's not an uncommon event. I thought her body was ripe, and I liked her toothy look and cock-sucker mouth. I was sorry she left the scene for whatever reason.

Then Veronika resurfaced a few years later as a redhead with bigger boobage, a curvier frame and some extra poundage. That's a plus in my book. She looked hot and different with that new hair coloring. It's amazing how it makes a girl look like another girl.

Another plus was that she was anxious to proudly resume her activities. "My sex drive has only gotten stronger as I get older," Veronika said. "I loved making pictures and videos. To make a living at doing what I there… Read More »
Featuring: Veronika and Joey
Duration: 21:02

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